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Carey Ann Kramer

The Butterfly Series

 (These books are produced at a low cost and were created for fundraising. We are working behind the scenes to get up a new website up called in order to easily purchase books in bulk to help your organization or benefit raise money.)  

The Giving Butterfly

Book #1 in The Butterfly Series

Release Date: 3/1/2017, Softcover Book

Release Date: E-Book coming soon on Amazon - Update as of 10/31/2017, we are experiencing technical difficulties in uploading this E-Book file correctly to Amazon. We will be trying again to reformat the file in the upcoming weeks. Please check back or follow on,, or for updates on the new releases.

Format(s): Softcover book, E-Book

Available at:        

 A story about hope, giving & the power of miracles…

Join Susie Give, a blue butterfly on a journey

filled with hope, giving, and the lesson of miracles.

When dark spots appear on her mother Grace's wings without reason, Susie fears the worst. Her mothers' encouraging words that this will be a journey and they will follow it to the end, leaves Susie anything but encouraged.

In fact, the end is what Susie is afraid of and all

she can think about is to find a cure. Join Susie Give and her mother, Grace, on an unforgettable journey of hope and life lessons.

"Not knowing the end and journeying anyway,

well, that is called faith, my dear," her mother shares.

Hope's Journey

Book #2 in The Butterfly Series

Release Date: Coming Soon

Format(s): Softcover book, E-Book

Available at:   

A story about strength, encouragement, & the power of acceptance…

Join Aunt Hope, a colorful, artistic butterfly

who lives for helping others. For others, she is a source of confidence, of motivation, and of everlasting strength.

Repairing tattered butterfly wings is her beloved business and passion, but when an illness strikes she will have to learn to let others help her.

She is used to giving out positive vibes for others but will she have enough inner strength and encouragement for herself?

Join Aunt Hope on an incredible fight for her life as she learns with acceptance comes an incredible inner power.

With a squeeze to her niece's hand, Aunt Hope says, "I already have everything, I have my family."

Song to Heaven

Book #3 in The Butterfly Series

Release Date: Coming Soon

Format(s): Softcover book, E-Book

Available at:

A story about love, faith, & the power of legacy…

Join Aunt Hope and her family as they celebrate

what life is all about. Having a life full of love, faith, and acceptance has made life much more rewarding for Hope as she battles her incurable disease.

Though Hope can accept her disease those around her still cannot. She knows her niece, Susie Give would fly to the heavens and back looking for an answer but she knows the answer she is looking for does not reside in heaven. Rather, it resides here, at her business repairing tattered butterfly wings.

All Hope ever wanted to do with her life was to make a difference in the lives of others. Hope must win over her niece's acceptance and heart in order to continue to leave her mark on the lives of others. No matter where Hope ends up in the present, she wants to leave her mark, her legacy, for the future.