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Carey Ann Kramer

Interactive Series

The Love Frog

Book #1 in The Interactive Series

Theme: Love

Release Date: Coming soon

Dovey, a frog, is stuck in his same old routine until a pretty frog named, Lacey, intervenes.

What will Dovey learn about living his life and letting love in?

Part of the Interactive Book Series

Includes The Love Frog story, an interactive area with a love tree and worksheet pages plus a discussion area.

Good for any age

Other books coming soon! 

Book #2 The Dreamy Dragonfly

               Theme: Dreams

                    Released: ...Coming Soon

Book #3 The Hope Violin

               Theme: Hope

                   Released: ...Coming Soon

Book #4 Bee for Believe

               Theme: Believe

                   Released: ...Coming Soon

Book #5 Faith the Firefly

               Theme: Faith

                   Released: ...Coming Soon

Book #6 The Imagination Plate

               Theme: Imagine

                   Released: ...Coming Soon

Book #7 Wiley's Wild Creations

               Theme: Believe

                   Released: ...Coming Soon

Book #8 The Giver Gorilla

               Theme: Giving

                   Released: ...Coming Soon