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Carey Ann Kramer

About Carey Ann Kramer

A Texas girl at heart, Carey Ann Kramer loves to create stories that make people smile. A member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (, American Christian Fiction Writers, and the Texas Association of Authors ( ). Carey resides in East Texas with her husband and shares their home with several adopted pets.

Special thanks to:

Laura & family with the East Texas Book Bash

Cody & team at Hooks Media

Fun Pictures of Events

Author Carey Ann Kramer pictured with character Bunnycakes, from the book, Bunnycakes: The Bunny with Big Dreams. Book 1 of The Bunny Dream Series. This was from a "Storytelling Event" about following your dreams. The book comes complete with a Dream Pledge.

Past event photo:

Seafood Lovin' &

Tales of Grandmas

My grandmother, Louise, was the Angel of Seafood. If there were just one thing you could say about her, it would be that she loved to cook seafood!

She lived on the bay near Galveston Island, Texas. She had a pier out front, and the shrimp house was just at the end of her block.

I remember when I was little, I would ride my bike down to her house, picking up cattails on the way with my older sister, Susan. We would have a big seafood dinner two to three times a week, and the whole family would come to satisfy their appetites. My sister and I would park our bikes outside her porch and toss our cattails to the side and go bouncing into the kitchen. We would all walk down the street to the Shrimp House where my grandmother would get fresh oysters and shrimp. I was always mesmerized by the dumping of the shrimp into this big basin and seeing them divide the shrimp up from the tiny fish and crabs that were also caught in the nets. On the way back, we would stop and get the crabs out of the crab trap at the end of her pier.

I was Grandma’s little helper, helping eat samples she would slip me when no one was watching. Even though by dinnertime my tummy was nearly full, I always had room for her stuffed deviled crab, the one thing she wouldn’t let me sample from the kitchen.

There is nothing quite like Southern seafood. From Kemah, Texas, to Galveston Island and everywhere in between, the heartbeat of the seafood soul lives here.

Will you be doing any author signings soon?

For Book Festival Info please click here

We can do author and character meet and greets, book readings at schools, day cares, libraries, etc. Information on packages will be available on the website soon or you can e-mail us. ( I refer to "we" because I have enlisted my family for help on some things!)    

Character Updates:

Marilyn loves to meet new friends! She and her puppy friends will be having a

Puppy Princess Dance Party! Be sure to follow on social media for dates/times/locations.

Coming in 2019!

(Book #1 The Puppy Princess from The Puppy Princess Series)

Bunnycakes has a new apron and a new chef hat! He loves to talk about baking and dreams. Find him on The Bunny Dream Tour!

(Book #1 Bunnycakes: The Bunny with Big Dreams, from The Bunny Dream Series)

Eli the Elephant is all dolled up with a new dress and a pretty pink bow in her hair. If you look closely you may even see the bottom of her dress light up! Eli made her first appearance at Martin's Mill School (TX) on 5/24/2016 and she had loads of fun! (Book#1 Eli the Elephant & the Secret Peanut Hideout, from The Lessons Learned Parable Series)

Hurdle the Turtle will also be available for visits. Hurdle is getting his shell shined up and will be ready soon! (Book#2 of The Lessons Learned Parable Series)

Chance from the Great Fate Factory will also be available soon to share his stories about how he learned to manufacture his own great fate, his journey as Mayor, and how he became the builder of dreams.

Other characters will also be available in 2019.

Will Sprinkles have any characters available? Yes, Sprinkles has several characters available. They are all traveling right now on her latest book adventure, Sprinkles High Flying School Adventures, to be released in 2019 but can be seen on request. A perfect book to spark imaginations in classrooms. Characters available: The Frog with the Crown (1st appearance at the East Texas Book Bash in Tyler, TX, Saturday August 5th, 2017), the two fun monkeys from the front cover, plus 2 other special characters from the Sprinkles Bedtime Express book! We're planning a Sprinkles Party next year and everyone is invited!

Belles the Giraffe is spending some quality time with her mother but will be available for the release of her book in 2019. (Book#3 of The Lessons Learned Parable Series)

New characters:

Cherub the Bear is super excited to be sharing his story soon. He learned some really important lessons on his last journey and wants to share them with you. Status of Cherub's book - we will be starting the illustrations for his story, all at the approval of Cherub himself very shortly. (Anticipated Illustrator - Lavinia De Sales)

Patches the Penguin has learned what it feels like to have a broken heart. Patches the Penguin is all "patched" up now and is looking forward to sharing his story with you.

The Love Frog characters - Dovey & Lacey!

The Love Frog, Book #1 of the Interactive Series, Theme: Love, will be out shortly. See the cover on and search Carey Ann Kramer

We have lots of other characters available! I cannot wait to share with you! A new character page will be up soon. We are currently doing photo shoots with all of the characters and working on finalizing costuming, etc.

My Father's Book:

Did you know my father published a book in 2015, at the age of 73? The message here is that it is never, never too late to follow through on your dreams. His e-book and print book, The Adventures of Cowboy Bob & Mr. Hogg, is available on His book is geared to an older audience (think PG13).

Will you be doing any father & daughter book signings? Yes! For me it will be very special because writing a book has been both of our dreams for years. It will be an amazing moment!

I have heard that Mr. Hogg will be coming along with my father for signings. Mr. Hogg has been trying to get in shape in preparation for the book signings. Read more...

Are you a publisher or an agent?

I have lots of stories in the pipeline waiting their turn to go through the publishing process. Though I have learned to enjoy the process of the technical side, I would prefer to partner with an "Awesome, Ambitious" Agent or a "Page Turning" Publishing House. Why? That is easy to answer - so that I can work on more of my stories! The majority of my books are Series books, and I have a lot in the works. Many are not mentioned on my websites ( & yet. I have participated in the past on Twitter for the #PitMad and have queried some of my stories. My genre is MG, YA, Children's, & Self-Help/Motivational. I do have some Christian Fiction Series for YA, for children, and for Women's Fiction I am working on as well. If you like what I am doing and you are interested in negotiating a contract or would like more information please contact me at my Google ID [email protected] or send a direct message to my Twitter or Facebook.

My family & I are Amazon Authors and are seeking a TV show about our family. We get lots of inquiries on what it is like to be an author. We are currently courting TLC but are open to other networks. It would be a fun, family-friendly show, with lots of good laughs. Share in our struggles and our successes as we navigate through the self-publishing world. This is our dream and I am sure we can encourage your viewers to pursue their own dreams. If my father can publish a book at the age of 73, anyone can do absolutely anything they set their minds to! My father is now 75 and is looking forward to promoting his book this year. What can you expect? Always the unexpected! I've learned with costumes, mascots, and your family as your film crew anything can and does happen. Check out this YouTube video of my mom's innovative video techniques! You don't want to miss it! 

Book Organizations and Conferences  

I love talking about writing and books and more important helping others on their journey. It is such a wonderful thing to be following a dream and to take the right steps toward actually living it. You never know where you can end up in life, so I say just go for it. After all, in the end, what do you have to lose?

I love to share my self-publishing journey with others and have learned a lot along the way. If there was something that could be done wrong or something that did not go right in the end, I have probably already experienced it! Like the story of why the second book in The Puppy Princess came out a whole year before the first book in the series. Well, and lots of others...I have a whole long list of lessons learned that I would be happy to share.

Oh, and if you google or search for Carey Ann Kramer, please note that "Carrie" Ann Kramer is a different person. Did you know that someone in my family once relayed to me that I was supposed to be twins? No need to wonder where stories come from...they are all around us...all of the time. You just have to open up your imagination and believe.

Best Wishes,

Carey Ann Kramer

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