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Carey Ann Kramer

Meet the Stars

(scroll down to see pics)

Bunnycakes (a big, blue bunny)

Meet Bunnycakes, a bunny who likes to bake cakes up to a whopping twenty feet!

When a baking contest opens up will Bunnycakes have the courage to enter and to pursue his secret dream of being a baker?

Read Bunnycakes: The Bunny with Big Dreams

Book #1 of The Bunny Dream Series

Eli the Elephant

When Eli finds herself falsely accused of stealing peanuts from the peanut donation box at the local zoo her whole world is turned upside down.

Will Eli be able to clear her name and find the real thief? Share in Eli’s emotional road to triumph and see what she learns along the way about turning things around.

Read Eli the Elephant & the Secret Peanut Hideout

Book #1 of The Lessons Learned Parable Series

Check back soon to meet The Puppy Princess, Chance from The Great Fate Factory, Hurdle the Turtle, Belles the Giraffe. Cherub the Bear, and Patches the Penguin. From the Series meet The Lazy Alligator and the Frog with a crown from Book #1 Sprinkles Bedtime Express.

Note: We are behind on adding other character pictures to this page. For characters available please see

the Book/Series List and Meet the Author Pages.

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