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Carey Ann Kramer

My Father's Book:

Did you know my father published his first book in 2015, at the age of 73? The message here is that it is never, never too late to follow your dreams. His e-book and print book, The Adventures of Cowboy Bob & Mr. Hogg, is available on His book is geared to an older audience (think PG13). To read more about my father's journey as a writer and to see the dedication letter he put in the front of his book, click here and scroll down on Q & A with the Author.

At the age of 76,

he is contemplating his second book.

How AMAZING is that?!

If my father can do this, so can you!

Fast Fact: This picture was taken in 2018 to promote National Pig Day. (I'm the "Hogg" in this picture.) At the photo shoot, I did not notice that my dad was actually wearing a "John Deere" cap. We had to photoshop it to read, "Cowboy Bob". I then had to go to our local embroidery store, buy a green cap, and have them embroidery, "Cowboy Bob" on it to match the promo photo that we released.   

My Father's Book:

The Adventures of Cowboy Bob & Mr. Hogg

Available at,

Format(s): Softcover book & E-Book (E-Book available on Amazon only)

A wild & wacky adventure series! Enjoy this humor book and get your funny bone tickled! Can you handle the ride?

When your best friend is a hogg anything goes and we mean ANYTHING!

When Cowboy Bob and his best friend Mr. Hogg team up anything can happen!

With best intentions gone awry, Cowboy Bob and Mr. Hogg will have you smiling, laughing and thinking, "What is next for this duo?"

Read all fourteen original adventures for a laugh out loud good time!

What are you waiting for? Get to reading!

Laugh your head off with this crazy duo!

WARNING: Hogg in a negligee inside. This book contains themes not suitable for all ages. (Think PG-13)

This is a really funny book. You should read it.