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Carey Ann Kramer

The Puppy Princess

Book #1 in The Puppy Princess Series

Release Date: 12/2/2014

Artwork by: Lavinia De Sales        

Now Available

Meet the puppies of the local animal haven: Caboodle, the big, black poodle; King Tut, the most divine of all mutts; Lollie the collie; and Boom-Boom the great, big basset hound.

When a shy yellow Labrador retriever named Marilyn is abandoned at the local animal shelter, she thinks her whole world has shattered. With the help of the other pups, she soon discovers that things always work out and with each new day comes a new surprise.

But when a couple wants to adopt her, she is unsure if she should leave the shelter she now calls home.

Should Marilyn take a chance to discover another world with new owners or should she stick to what she already knows?

Don’t miss any of the books from The Puppy Princess Series!

Available in a Softcover Book and an E-Book.

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Sprinkles Bedtime Express

Book #1 in The Sprinkles Series

Release Date: Anticipated Release February 2015

Artwork by: A. L. Weakley

A bedtime book that your little ones will love!

Eli the Elephant & the Secret Peanut Hideout

Book #1 in The Lessons Learned Parable Series

Release Date: Anticipated Release March 2015

Artwork by: A. L. Weakley

Follow Eli the Elephant as she learns how to overcome obstacles and learns that sometimes in life you have to step it up. When Eli finds herself falsely accused of stealing peanuts from the peanut donation box at the local zoo her whole world is turned upside down.

Will Eli be able to clear her name and find the real thief? Share in Eli’s emotional road to triumph and see what she learns along the way about turning things around.

Part of The Lessons Learned Parable Series

For any age.

Chance & The Great Fate Factory

Book #1 in the Chance Trilogy

Release Date: Anticipated Release April 2015

Artwork by: Lavinia De Sales & Brandon Coleman

Meet Chance from The Great Fate Factory.

He'll show you everything you need to know about manufacturing your own great fate (for a rat, that is).

Chance didn’t always believe he held the power to live out his innermost dreams and desires. But he decided to take the first step, and he couldn’t imagine life otherwise.


Chance’s Tale of Discovery

The Ten Designs of Life

A Map of The Fortune Family’s property and Prosperity Village

This unique book, complete with story and interactive self-discovery kit, can enable and empower you to achieve your dreams.

It’s an inspiring tale for all who dream. For any age. 

Excerpt from Book:

“Chance walked home, back across the Road of Life, checking his mailbox for any nice surprises anyone decided to send him. Because that’s what Chance did. Waited for chances to come his way. He often wondered if it was possible to create your own chance, because he wasn’t sure just how long he would have to wait for someone else to bring him his chance.”

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