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Carey Ann Kramer

Pop-Up E-Books

What are Pop-Up E-Books?

Pop-Up E-Books gives you lots of little "extras" from enlarging text, to special messages. Sprinkles Bedtime Express is a Pop-Up E-Book, available at

It has lots of fun Pop-Up's to keep your little ones busy! Just double-tap on the text and on the illustrations. There are lots of hidden on the illustrations. Hint: check out the animals!

Even if you do not have a Kindle, you can read a kindle book on most devices! Search "Kindle" at the Google Play Store or wherever you get your Apps. You can get the app by clicking on the Amazon link above. Below the Sprinkles Bedtime Express book cover you will see a blurb about the Kindle App. You can input your phone number or your e-mail and Amazon will send you a link it.  

Already purchased a Pop-Up E-Book?  

For answers and locations of the hidden pop-ups, click on one of the books below.

Sprinkles Bedtime Express

Bunnycakes: The Bunny

with Big Dreams

Click on one of the books above to get the answers and the locations to the hidden pop-ups!

(Pop-Up Location info is under construction)