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Carey Ann Kramer

The Sprinkles Series

Sprinkles Bedtime Express

Book #1 in The Sprinkles Series

Release Date: 5/16/2015, Special Pop-Up E-Book

Release Date: 4/6/2016, Softcover Book

Artwork by: A. L. Weakley

Format(s): Softcover book, Special Pop-Up E-Book (E-Book available at

Available at: and

E-Book & Softcover Book now available at Amazon

Click here to go to Amazon!

A bedtime book that your little ones will love! 

Sprinkles loves bedtime! The more she yawns the more magical adventures she gets to put into her bedtime bag.

How many adventures will you have? 

Sprinkles Bedtime Express Kindle Book is now available on

Don't have a Kindle? Get you free reading app for your PC, tablet, or phone at this link. There are lots of books available at Amazon, so if you love to read it is worth checking out!

Sprinkles High Flying School Adventures

Book #2 in The Sprinkles Series

Release Date: Coming Soon

Artwork by: A. L. Weakley

A fun-filled adventure book that your little ones will love!

See the teaser and a bonus illustration for Sprinkles Book #2, Sprinkles High Flying Adventures in the back of Sprinkles Bedtime Express Book #1.